Direct Coupling® System Overview

Via Direct Coupling®, we create highly efficient connections of DC sources to DC loads without unnecessary conversions. Through multiple collaborations, we leverage high-efficiency power converters, fixtures and smart controls to optimize energy usage while drawing power from renewables, batteries, and the grid. Our technology increases the value of lighting and controls. We collaborate and co-develop the most practical and efficient solution for powering LEDs. 

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Nextek DC Microgrid

Nextek's line of Power Hub Drivers (PHDs) are used as the centralized source of highly efficient DC power that is then simply distributed to the appropriate DC lighting loads. By incorporating DC Microgrid technology, the use of expensive energy becomes signifcantly improved while simultaneously eliminating the multiple assorted smaller power supplies that ultimately end up in landfills. The bulk of the installation consists of distributing safe-to-the touch Class II wiring and devices. This work can be performed by less expensive field personnel. With the increased ease and speed of a DC installation, combined with use of less expensive labor, the savings associated with installation of Nextek's DC solution is significant.

Amatis Controls

AC-based control systems have become sophisticated and typically rely on the use of CAT5 Ethernet communication wiring, power pack relay units and remote control panelboard contactors to faciliate control needs as mandated by ASHRAE 90.1, California Title 24, energy codes and energy sensitive building owners. Amatis Controls offers an alternate, highly robust and cost effective integrated wireless control system option uniquely available for the Nextek PHD based DC system architecture. The Amatis Controls wireless system allows any web enabled device (phone, tablet, computer) to become a lighting system controller. The system utilizes wireless mesh network technology that enables programmed control devices to communicate between and with one another. This architecture offers extreme flexibility and an unmatched level of granular control of a lighting system at typically 50% of the installed cost of a comparable AC system.


To operate with the Nextek PHD 24VDC power architecture, LED fixtures can be provided either with or without LED Drivers. For the unique driverless fixtures, the Nextek PHD units act as the LED driver and can provide steady state - or - PWM (dimming) power directly to LED chipsets within LED fixtures. This unique driveless architecture provides improved reliability, industry-leading energy performance and virtually eliminates service maintenance normally needed with AC powered LED fixtures. Nextek collaborates with fixture partners who can provide driverless LED fixtures in a wide variety of types, shapes, sizes and performance characteristics. In some cases, converting the AC powered LED fixture to a DC powered fixture may involve simply removing (or not including) the AC/DC drivers. Nextek can assist in determining if this option is viable.


Significant savings in labor, material, and energy


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Save 50% of hours and costs with Class 2 wiring. Our low voltage power is both 'plug-and-play' and conduit-free. Class 2 is touch-safe, eliminating the risk of shock and enabling most of our system to go in without the most expensive electrical trades. You can work on our systems hot. 


Use 30% less material than AC. With low voltage power, we’re able to use driverless fixtures at a lower cost. Centralization eliminates the need for a control unit at every fixture, cutting control costs in half. We eliminate the need for traditional conduit, j-box, and MC cable distribution, along with the associated costs.


Energy costs can decrease up to 75% by streamlining power conversion processes and efficiently controlling light levels.


Building Owners can spend $0 out of pocket with financing and take advantage of rebate programs. 

We partner with Amatis Controls for smart controls, a DLC-listed system that qualifies for top-tier utility incentives.